Prater & WU Campus

While the girls, or rather ladies, were exploring hirts and whatnots in Wienerwald, since the weather was brilliant, I counter-intuitively went to the Prater, where millions abounded.

But the neighbouring WU Campus (Vienna University of Economics and Business) was definitely breathtaking, a totally unexpected wonder. I wandered into the Library and Learning Centre to find a loo, and could not believe my eyes. In later reading it turned out to have been designed by the famous British-Iraqui architect Zaha Hadid.

But first I rented a Lime scooter. A total disaster, as it could not be parked just anywhere. So I kept on trying, the charges kept mounting, only to give up in desperation and return it to the start point. Hmm. From then on a City Bike, walking, and a final bus (to Cafe Schoppie).