Bajos del Toro

We decide on a roundtrip to El Silencio, even emerging from slumbers early and setting off at the distinctly unfashionable hour (for us) of 8am. The weather is cloudless where we are going. First stop is Zarcero, where we visit the beautiful wooden church and topiary garden.

Just before Palmira we go for a short walk, before heading down to BdT where we stop at a new coffee place before driving towards the Juan Castro Blanco park. There we walk further along the road and then along a jungly ridge track. Squits and sparrows spotted by eagle-eyes Mungo.

We return by the road past El Silencio that goes via Sarchi. The first section was new and hair-raisingly steep. The Pathfinder only just made it. After descending from 2,000m or so through swirling fog, we find a Spot With A View for a late picnic.